Our History

TriStar Ashland City is celebrating 25 years of serving Cheatham County. It is one of only 17 Tennessee hospitals designated as a critical access hospital, serving rural comminutes.

TriStar Ashland City originally opened its doors as Cheatham Medical Center in July 12, 1987 and was associated with the Jackson Clinic and Goodlark Hospital of Dickson. Goodlark Hospital and Cheatham Medical Center was purchased by HCA in 1995 and became part of the TriStar family of hospitals. Goodlark is now TriStar Horizon Medical Center and Cheatham Medical Center was renamed and aligned with TriStar Centennial Medical Center, the flagship hospital of HCA in Nashville Tennessee.

TriStar Ashland City achieved Critical Access Hospital (CAH) status in 2005, licensed for 8 in-patient beds, and continued to be the sole community hospital provider for Cheatham County. Critical Access Hospitals are partially funded by the federal government through the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to maintain the viability of small and rural community hospitals. In 2010, the hospital was licensed for 4 additional beds by the State of Tennessee and now operates 12 in-patient beds, a full service diagnostic lab and radiology department, provides 24/7 emergency services coverage, in addition to outpatient infusion and endoscopy services.

The hospital was renamed TriStar Ashland City in 2012 as HCA’s TriStar Health division adopted a brand enhancement at all facilities across Middle Tennessee.